Our Story

Johanna Smadja

Born in 1993 in Paris, Johanna studied Fine Arts and Textile Design and is the inventor of the Flagbag.

Years ago, during a family trip to California, she fell in love with the American culture and landscape: the motels, funfairs and mountains under the sunset.

Since then, her designs and creations refer to the American pop culture, 60’s symbols and frames entertainment as a lifestyle.

With the strong desire to combine her passion for accessories and her painting skills, she founded Merci Gisele after her grandmother’s first name.

Gisele teached her an unconditional taste for fashion and still conti-nues to blow her mind with the same posh hairstyle since her 30’s.

Mixing both her grandmother’s style and America as part of her main inspiration, Johanna handpaints bags inspired by the shape of a vintage pennant, named the Flagbag©️ : a reflection of road trips, freedom and memories which shape the brand universe.

Embark into an endless highway with Merci Gisele and let you transport into a world where there is no line between art and accessories.